Sydney: K-Pop Up Info

Pop Up Sydney

Hey Sydney K-Pop Fans!

Time for another exciting K-Pop Pop Up!

Expect lots of new merch and feel free to join in on the music and dancing! 
(There is no entry fee!)


📆 DATE: Saturday, 27th April 2019

🕘 TIME: 10:30AM - 4:00PM

📍 LOCATION: Connection Studios (Level 1/103 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010)


We're giving away 3 albums:

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

How to enter:

  1. Buy any photocard!
  2. For each photocard, you gain one entry into the raffle! There are unlimited entries!
  3. Stick around for the raffle (approx. 3:30PM), and wish for the best!


  • (G)I-DLE I Made Album
  • 14U Compass N.E.W.S. Album
  • 2NE1 I Am The Best Album
  • AOA Bingle Bangle Album
  • APINK One & Size (One ver.) Album
  • APINK Percent Album
  • ASTRO All Light Album
  • ASTRO Dream Pt.02 Album
  • ASTRO Dream Pt.1 Album
  • ASTRO Rise Up Album
  • ATEEZ Treasure EP.1 : All to Zero Album
  • ATEEZ Treasure EP.2: Zero To One Album
  • BAP Badman Album
  • BAP Rose (A ver.) Album
  • BIGBANG Alive (New Ver.) Album
  • BIGBANG Made Full Album
  • BIGBANG SEUNGRI The Great Seungri Album
  • BLACKPINK Square Up Album (Black and Pink ver.)
  • BLOCK B Repackage Re: Montage Album
  • BRAVE GIRLS Rollin' Album
  • BTOB Born to Beat Album
  • BTOB Hour Moment (Hour ver.) Album
  • BTOB Hour Moment (Moment ver.) Album
  • BTS 2 COOL 4 SKOOL Album
  • BTS 2018 Exhibition Book
  • BTS Dark & Wild Album
  • BTS Happy Ever After 4th Muster DVD
  • BTS Live Trilogy Episode 3: The Wings Tour in Seoul DVD 2017
  • BTS Love Yourself: Answer Album
  • BTS Memories of 2017 DVD
  • BTS O!RUL8,2? Album
  • BTS Skool Luv Affair Album
  • BTS The Notes 1 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (English ver.) Book
  • BTS Wings Album
  • BTS You Never Walk Alone Album
  • BTS Young Forever Album
  • BTS In the Mood for Love Album
  • BTS Love Yourself: Her Album
  • BTS Love Yourself: Tear Album
  • BTS The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Album
  • CHERRY BULLET Let's Play Cherry Bullet Album
  • CHUNGHA offset Album
  • CNBLUE 2gether Album
  • CRUSH Interlude Album
  • DAY6 Daydream Album
  • DAY6 Remember Us: Youth Part 2 Album
  • DAY6 Shoot Me:  Youth Part 1 Album
  • DAY6 Sunrise Album
  • DEAN 130 Mood: TRBL Album
  • DREAMCATCHER The End of Nightmare Album
  • ELO 8 Femmes Album
  • EXO CBX Blooming Days (Days ver.) Album
  • EXO Don't Mess Up My Tempo (Limited ed.) Album
  • EXO Don't Mess Up My Tempo Album
  • EXO Exodus (Chinese ver.) Album
  • EXO Love Me Right (Korean Repackaged ver.) Album
  • EXO Love Shot (Repackage) Album
  • EXO XOXO (Korean Repackaged ver.)
  • EXO The Power of Music (Korean ver.) Album
  • EXO The War (Korean ver.) Album
  • GFRIEND Flower Bud Album
  • GFRIEND Parallel Album
  • GFRIEND Season of Glass Album
  • GFRIEND Sunny Summer Album
  • GFRIEND Sunrise (Japanese ed.) Album
  • GFRIEND Time for the Moon Night Album
  • GFRIEND Time For Us Album
  • GIRLS GENERATION Holiday Night Album
  • GOT7 2018 Official Light Stick Album
  • GOT7 2018 World Tour Eyes On You DVD
  • GOT7 7 for 7 Album
  • GOT7 Eyes On You (Eyes ver.) Album
  • GOT7 Flight Log: Departure Album
  • GOT7 JUS2 Focus Album
  • GOT7 Just Right Album
  • GOT7 Present : YOU Album
  • GOT7 Present: YOU & ME (Repackage) Album
  • GUGUDAN Cait Sith Album
  • HA SUNG WOON My Moment Album
  • IKON New Kids (Repackage) Album
  • IKON Official Konbat Ver.2 Light Stick
  • IKON Return Album
  • IKON Full Debut Welcome Back Album
  • INFINITE Infinite Only Album
  • JBJ95 Awake Album
  • JENNIE Solo Single Album
  • JEONG SEWOON The 1st Mini pt.2 Album
  • JESSICA My Decade Album
  • KARD Ride on the Wind Album
  • KEY Face Album
  • KEY I Wanna Be (Repackage) Album
  • LEE HONG GI Do n Do Album
  • LEE MINHYUK Hutazone Album
  • LOONA + + Album
  • LOONA 1/3 Love & Evil Album
  • LOONA 1/3 Love & Live Album
  • LOONA Chuu & Go Won Album
  • LOONA Olivia Hye Album
  • LOONA X X (Repackage) Album
  • LOONA YVES Album
  • MAMAMOO Blue S Album
  • MAMAMOO Red Moon Album
  • MAMAMOO White Wind Album
  • MAMAMOO Yellow Flower Album
  • MINO XX Album
  • MONSTA X Take.1: Are You There? Album
  • MONSTA X Take.2: We Are Here Album
  • MONSTA X The Clan pt. 2.5: Beautiful Album
  • NCT 127 Cherry Bomb Album
  • NCT 127 Limitless Album
  • NCT 127 Regular-Irregular Album
  • NCT 127 Regulate (Repackage) Album
  • NCT DREAM The First Album
  • NCT DREAM We Young Album
  • NCT Empathy (Dream ver.) Album
  • NCT Official Light Stick
  • NCT We Go Up Album
  • OH MY GIRL Remember Me Album
  • ONEUS Light Us Album
  • ONEW Voice Album
  • RED VELVET Ice Cream Cake Album
  • RED VELVET Summer Magic Album
  • RED VELVET The Perfect Red Velvet (Repackage) Album
  • RED VELVET The Red Summer Album
  • RED VELVET The Velvet Album
  • SF9 Now or Never (1st Limited ed.) [Japanese ed.] Album
  • SHINEE 1 of 1 Album
  • SHINEE JONGHYUN Poet | Artist Album
  • SHINEE JONGHYUN The Collection: Story Op.2 Album
  • SHINEE TAEMIN Press It Album
  • SHINEE TAEMIN Want Album
  • SHINEE The Story of Light ep.1 Album
  • SHINEE The Story of Light: Epilogue Album
  • SHINEE Ace Album
  • STRAY KIDS Cle1: Miroh Album
  • STRAY KIDS I Am Not Album
  • STRAY KIDS I Am Who Album
  • STRAY KIDS I Am You Album
  • SUPER JUNIOR Play (One More Chance ver.) Album
  • SUPER JUNIOR Play (Pause ver.) Album
  • SVT AL1 Album
  • SVT Boys Be Seek Album
  • SVT Director's Cut Album
  • SVT First Love & Letter Album
  • SVT Going Seventeen (Make the Seventeen ver.) Album
  • SVT Love & Letter (Repackage Normal) Album
  • SVT Teen,age Album
  • SVT You Make My Dawn Album
  • SVT You Make My Day Album
  • SVT You Make My Day Album
  • THE BOYZ The Only Album
  • THE BOYZ The Sphere Album
  • THE BOYZ The Start (Giddy Up) Album
  • THE ROSE Dawn Album
  • THE ROSE Void Album
  • TVXQ Spellbound Album
  • TWICE The Story Begins Album
  • TWICE Yes Or Yes Album
  • TXT The Dream Chapter: STAR Album
  • VERYVERY Veri-Us Album
  • WANNA ONE I Promise You Album
  • WANNA ONE Power Of Destiny Album
  • WINNER Everyd4y (Night ver.) Album
  • WINNER Millions Album
  • WINNER Our Twenty Four Album
  • WJSN From. WJSN Album
  • WJSN WJ Please? Album
  • ZION T ZZZ Album

      + posters / lightsticks / bracelets / photocards / postcards / stickers / plushies and MORE!

      FAQS 💬:

      Q. Is there an entry fee?
      A. No, feel free to come and join the fun!

      Q. Will you accept card on the day?
      A. Yes!

      Q. How do I win the giveaway?
      A. Just buy any photocard! For every photocard you get one entry, there are unlimited entries. Giveaway will be at 3:30!

      Q. Do I have to be present to win the giveaway?
      A. Yes!

      For more info, message us on our FB or send us an email @
      See you all there! 😊

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